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Monday, December 22, 2008


Quick Update

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sales 365 @ http://sales365.blogspot.com Another shop blog that doesn't actuall deals with clothes but technology related accessories like mp4, memory sticks and universal solar charge. If you're interested check them out. It is slighty lower than what you get in the market ;)

Online Pasar Malam @ www.onlinepasarmalam.blogspot.com Very catchy and interesting shop blog name right? I'm falling in love with it already! A very hip and fashion forward site with extremely low prices. Sometimes as low as $16! They are usually only in one piece, so hurry up! I like the blog. Very sweet pictures. Quote ( she told me that ) : A super Auntie-ish LaoBanNiang will be waiting for you there!

Karen Shoppe @ http://karen-shoppe.blogspot.com/ Seems like there are a lot of creative handicrafts people out there. Lovely personalised bookmarks and cards for many occasions like birthday, graduations and so on. No one will know who did it!

This is a very short post. I know. I've been concentrating my time on changing the layout of the blog a little bit. Once i'm done with it, be ready for new links ;)

Advertlets is Giving Me Problems

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hi girls. I am terribly sorry that you have been redirected to another site just to visit this online shopping directory.

My explanation would be the malfunction of advertlets causing me such inconvenience. I am truly sorry to disturb your shopping experience and i have immediately removed all advertlets ads causing such disturbance for your shopping pleasures.

Meanwhile, if you are in need of some advertisment aside from advertlets, you can scroll down to google ads. Afterall they are more relevant.

My apologies.

New Links For Your Shopping Addiction

Monday, December 31, 2007

Zig n Zag @ http://zignzag.blogspot.com/ They are not your common clothing shop blog but some what a technology accessories shop blog. Those accessories are fitted to girls liking and are very affordable too! I have to admit the products are pretty unique. If you scroll down more you actually see lovely mirrors!

Shopping Empire @ http://shoppingempire823.blogspot.com/ The pretty tops and dresses all below $40! Be comforted for good quality since they are specially hand picked and tried on by the owner. Therefore, "what you see is what you get".
Items are all instock and so you get your goods quick!

The Black Box @ http://theblackbox-shoppe.blogspot.com/ Apparel Preorders/Sprees and Instocks all year around! Great prices + Good Quality + Fabulous Service and Efficiency! Get prepared for all occassions with wide variety of clothes including cocktail dresses, party dresses, chic tops, etc! Our collection also includes a range of sizes S M L XL!

Fashionista @ http://fashionista--x.blogspot.com/ Selling whatever is HOT. Get updated with the latest trends here! Instocks and exchanges!

The Red Jewel @ http://the-red-jewel.blogspot.com/ You MUST visit this site! Lovely handmade accessories including necklaces, earrings, bracelets and an occassional sparkly surprise. Visit them today, you won't be disappointed. (I promise) Sick of receiving mails from joining mailing list? Here's a perk! Join their mailing list for exclusive discount privileges!

Shopping. Shopping. Shopping. Shopping. We love shopping!

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Thank you!

Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

May this year bring all of the shop blog owners wealth and prosperity. As for the readers, may your needs and wants be met!

Since this is another Public holiday, i'll come up with new links on Wednesday!

We all need a break from all we have been through this year.

Enjoy your countdown celebrations!


Monday, December 17, 2007

We're really sorry for the uninformed disappearance but now we're back!

Trendy Shopping @ http://trendyshopping.blogspot.com/ Lots of trendy clothes usually under $25. It looks good and really cheap but i thought there wasn't much to choose from.

StyleThatLady @ http://stylethatlady.blogspot.com/ A wide range of items from clothes to cosmetics. Styles are hand picked closely to latest trends specifically Korean Street wear. Why? Simple! They love it =D The clothes are mainly imported from HK, Korea & Thailand.

Wadever Shop @ http://www.wadevershop.blogspot.com/ Not exactly a shop blog more like a comestic blog! Lipstick, gloss, eyeshadow, eyeliners and so on... Also, lots of cute little things like handmade cards and cartoon thingy.

sophisticated-sm @ http://sophisticated-sm.blogspot.com/ Looking for teenagy stuff? Like Disney toys and slogan tees? This is where you should be then. Not to worry. They also have decent shorts and cardigans on sale.

Little Whims @ http://www.littlewhims.blogspot.com/ How can you not fall in love with this site?!
Quoted from their site "Little Whims is all about putting thoughts to paper. Lovely cards, books, and journals are just some of the things available for you to pen your innermost feelings, sketch down ideas or simply to convey lovely words to the ones you hold dear. Our handmade goods are bursting with the whimsical, the quirky, and a whole lot of colour!
It’s more than just about providing a blank medium: it’s about crafting a little bit of art to behold and remember by."
I know it's pretty long but it's really adorable! Christmas cards!!!

Super Stuffs @ http://www.superthingy.blogspot.com/ Ready to get accessories? Get your vintage glasses and bags here. Warning. The bags are just normal sling bags. Still need miss little tees?

Bear with us. Promise to get you better sites!
Merry Christmas!

Season of Giving

Monday, November 26, 2007

Christmas is coming and it's time to be giving. So buy more for yourself and others!

Moko Apple @ http://mokoapple.blogspot.com/ Japanese Cosmetics instocks and pre-orders for Majolica Majorca/Tiffa/Kiss. Fashion instocks and pre-orders from Korea, Taiwan, China. Occasional Taiwan sprees would be held = check back often!

Couple Station @ http://couple-station.blogspot.com/ Like the name suggest, they are mostly couples items like couples tee, couples keychain, towels etc. A 14/15 year old idea - Isn't it sweet?

Oh-So-Cheap @ http://www.oh-so-cheap.blogspot.com/ Basic things like skinny jeans, clothes and accessories. It's a very wordy site. Shopping sites should be filled with pictures!

Face Up Facet @ http://faceupfacet.blogspot.com/ Instocks on E.L.F comestic. Lovely site with all the clear cut pictures.

Buy From Us @ http://buy-fromus.blogspot.com/ A newly created blogshop aimed to clear their wardrobes. Not to worry, they look new.

Shoppiing Is Great @ http://www.shoppiingisgreat.blogspot.com/ We all know shopping is great. It's better than great. The usual Taiwan and Japan clothes, bags, shoes and slimming products. Did i mentioned slimming products?! Girls, please please be extra careful when it comes to that.

Paper Love Notes @ http://paperlovenotes.livejournal.com/ No doubt, deep down, everyone always wants to feel and be special. That's why we see everyone splurging on clothes and objects to make them stand out. Well, who ever said standing out needed to be costly? Come down to PaperLoveNotes, where you can get your very own personalised, unique notebook at affordable prices! It's about time to own something original! I LIKE!

Miss Calista @ www.misscalista.blogspot.com GOODIE! Dresses and more dresses to die for! And they cost less than $30! Don't even panic about having nothing to wear on Christmas :)

That's all for today ladies. Check back next week for more :)

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